Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket (TMB)


Supports sleep, eases stressful influences, gives relaxation and supports the healing process.



The Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket (also called Thermal Multilayer Blanket) helps speed up recovery and activates ones own self-healing processes. It is an independent therapy and does not require a therapist’s consultation.

The Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket  presents a combination of several specific membranes, which produce the desired integral therapeutic effect. The specifically designed film membrane inside the blanket prevents the client’s body electromagnetic emissions from dissipating outwards and shields from outside disturbing influences ( electronic emissions etc.)

It is helpful for relieving conditions such as stress and tension, feeling ‘run  down’, fatigue, insomnia, sprains, recent illness, trauma, surgery or long-term ailments.

A TMB session is a relaxing experience, allowing the user to shut off from the stresses of life.

When the blanket is used in combination with SCENAR and Shiatsu treatment sessions, it helps the body to more rapidly balance its energies.


  • The TMB blocks some of the harmful energy signals that continually disturb the body’s energy field while allowing the positive one through
  • Allows time to relax in a calm, peaceful environment