General Treatment Information and Guidelines


Depending on the type of problem, John may diagnose by taking a health history, questioning on diet and lifestyle, observing posture, skin colour and tone, eyes, pulses, foot reflexes, abdomen and back, monitoring blood pressure or use of Biofeedback unit and Computerised Infrared Thermal Imaging (CITI).


Having determined the likely pattern of illness, John then focuses the treatment on helping to re-balance  energy within the body.

This may be done by Shiatsu massage therapy, (acupressure), Physical exercises or stretches, dietary advice, supplements, Scenar Treatment, relaxation, breathing exercises, stress control exercises, herbal mixtures, etc.  Comparisons  are done between the necessary three or four of   1-hour visits to accurately adjust the treatments

The speed and extent of the help given depends on a number of factors including; the nature of the problem, how long the problem has existed, the general health condition of the client and how well the client follows the instructions. Medical treatment or advice will not be interfered with.

NB: People with Pacemakers are not permitted to undergo Scenar treatment.

We have a policy of unlocked doors 

It’s no problem if you would like a partner or friend to accompany or observe, especially for minors or the infirm.

Pre-Treatment Preparation Guidelines:

Applies to all treatments

  • Wear or bring light loose clothing, preferably cotton (not nylon)
  • Do not eat for 1 hour before consultation
  • Body cleanliness is important.
  • Use toilet before consultation
  • Bring a list of questions and/or be prepared to ask question

CITI (Thermal Imaging) Special Preparation / Clothing advice:

These guidelines apply specifically to Thermal Imaging sessions

  • Wear loose clothing (to avoid marks on your skin)
  • Avoid skin creams, lotions, deodorants, oils or powders on the day of screening.
  • Avoid medicines and stimulants for 2-3 hrs before screening.
  • Ladies:   Optimal dates – Between days 10 to 15 after the 1st day of your last menstruation.


Please give as much notice as possible of cancellation (at least 2 days) to avoid the cancellation fee of €60.00 as there is often a waiting list of people in pain.