Useful Links

Scenar Practitioners Society of Ireland  (SPSI):

The SPSI was established in 2000 to regulate the use of Scenar (Skenar,Kosmed) in Ireland and to ensure the highest standards of practice and Ethics for the benefit of the public, the clients and the practitioners.
The SPSI is the National Scenar “Umbrella” organisation and the regulatory authority for Ireland.

The Irish College of Scenar (ICS):

The ICS teaches a range of training courses in Scenar Therapy from beginners to advanced; and to professional standards under contract to the Scenar Practitioner’s Society of Ireland (SPSI).
The ICS is the only Scenar College in Ireland.

The Shiatsu Society of Ireland

The Shiatsu Society of Ireland was set up on 1989 to promote and regulate the professional practice of Shiatsu in Ireland. It provides standards of professional practice of Shiatsu in Ireland and it is a member of the European Shiatsu Federation.

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